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so nice to meet me


i’m a 34 year old battered mother of super-sized identical twin 4 year old boys who beat, eat and destroy everything they see. i’m stepmother to 14 year-old twin boys and an 18 year-old girl who find new and interesting reasons to hate me almost every day.

my husband is 21 years older than me (no i don’t have daddy issues, i just have issues with daddy), and a super private person. our marriage is usually an hour away from divorce, but i shave off 10-15 minutes with each blog posting.

oh, and i’m an actress and a private investigator (yeah, you read that right) but i still don’t really know what i want to be when i grow up so it’s a good thing there’s plenty of time to decide before that happens.

and lastly, i started this blog because my constant facebook updates were dominating news feeds and annoying my friends. i guess i’ve just never seen the point in experiencing anything if you’re not gonna share it.

here’s hoping you find the funny in your own family today!

all the best,

Lauren Anastasi-Peter

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